New book for you all

Hello everyone,and a very happy New Year to you all.

I’m pleased to tell you that my new novel “Strawberry moon” is soon to be released. This story is about an English community with second homes in the Dordogne,France. Our English protagonist Maisie, moves to the complex after her father secures a job as gardener come handyman for the site.

Her brother Dan,is a womanising eighteen year old and meets trouble along the way.Many twists and turns make this a page turner and the best part is that there is to be a sequel.

I will let you know the release date as soon as I know.

Happy days

Joy M. Lilley



Hello to all at the RRBC CONFERENCE

I do hope you find me at the conference.My name is Joy Gerken, pen-name Joy M. Lilley.

You will find my 2 published books there “Figs,Vines and Roses” an historical romance  and “The Liberty Bodice”a WW2 drama.

I have just had a novella published titled “Times Pendulum Swings Again” a medical romance about Love,deceit,loss and joy.

Happy reading and I’d love a review.

Many thanks



Hello to all.I am delighted to have started to blog here.

I write and have 2 novels published.The first was Figs,Vines and Joy M. Lilley. Take a look on Goodreads for many 4 and 5 star reviews.

The second novel The Liberty Bodice is a WW2 drama involving a young woman who joins the SOE [Special Operations Executive] as an agent who joins the French Resistance.

The book is available on all Amazon sites and CreateSpace for paperback.Reviews most welcome.

With all good wishes,

Joy Gerken

pen-name Joy M. Lilley

I have just had a novella published, entitled “Times Pendulum Swings Again.” It tells of love and deceit, sadness and joy and is a medical romance and can be found on Amazon.

Hopefully you will be able to read this short story. A review is very welcome.

Thank you

Joy M. Lilley