My first novel.

Exceptionally well written, about a family in the 1800s, exciting, charismatic, immaculate detailed informative story. Posted by Authors Keys To Success Program at Cold Coffee Press

Trouble in the camp

Ten days back, my husband Michael had a Total knee replacement. Out of hospital in two days.Home for four then back into the main general hospital as he was so breathless and had low oxygen levels circulating his body.

A pulmonary emboli’s was diagnosed, [a clot in the lung.] This is indeed a serious life threatening condition. Now home he must move around as much as possible, difficult as the knee is painful.

We planned a cruise to Russia two years ago along with a friend.This we have had to cancel.

Will update as time allows.

My second author booth with RRBC

Hello to you all.

Not long to go before the booths open,it would be so good to have you visit my author booth and have a chat about all things writing brings us.

I have an update on STRAWBERRY MOON my new novel kindly edited by Nonnie Jules.

Its been hiked around some publishers,one or two who have been generous enough to give me some advice.One said that you cannot have a murder mystery without the culprit being revealed in the one book.So I’ve put two books into one with a great deal of cutting text.

Another that I need to start the book in France with less dilly dallying in Hythe,Kent,U.K.and of course more show,don’t tell.

Advise taken and improvements underway.

Watch this space.

Best to you all,Joy